John Roger Bradley

John Roger Bradley is drawn to the varied landscapes of Cardigan Bay and the Outer Hebrides.
He aims for his work to go beyond an impression of the place.
John is seeking a synthesis of experience and perception leading to an intense sense of connection.
Although the final images may suggest a specific view, they are less about description and more about feelings for place, embracing the enigmatic rather than the topical.

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North Beach
Near Tobha Mor - South Uist
Title:                  North Beach
Medium:            Acrylic
Size:                 55x38cm
Price:                400
Title:           Near Tobha Mor - South Uist
Medium:     Acrylic
Size:           20x15cm
Price:          340
Another World - Pool on the Moor
Title:          Another World - Pool on the Moor
Medium:    Acrtlic
Size:          50x38cm
Price:         400