Pauline Bradley

The figure is the basis of Pauline Bradley’s work.
“A persons personality as expressed through body language often tells us more about their real feelings than words, which are frequently used to mislead or disguise the true nature of emotions.
My work has always been concerned with the intimate inner emotions experienced by people,
as expressed through their specific and particular body movements.”

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Green Robe
Dark Lady
Title:                     Green Robe                      
Medium:                Lithograph            
Size:                     30x40cm    
Price:                    200       
Title:                      Dark Lady                     
Medium:                Lithographs              
Size:                     30x40cm
Price:                    200    
Title:                        Diving                
Medium:                  Lithograph               
Size:                       30x40cm
Price:                      200
Title:                       Tumbling                
Medium:                  Etching               
Size:                       20x15cm
Price:                      80          
More information:   2/5
Forest 8
Title                             Forest 8  
Price:                          SOLD