Drusilla Cole

Drusilla Cole taught at the University of the Arts until 2009. 
Since then, she has explored various forms of printmaking, particularly linocuts and woodcuts.
Her inspiration comes from the emotional effect engendered by objects, place or people.
Drusilla has also published four books on the subject of textiles.

If you would like to purchase a work or require further information please contact us:
Knighton Fine Art, 2,Broad Street, Knighton, LD7 1BL. Telephone:01547 528052

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Early Bird
Title:                   Early Bird
Price:                 SOLD
Title:                    Kingfisher
Price:                  SOLD
Small Cat
Bloxwich Fair
Title:                      Small Cat
Price:                    SOLD
Title:                    Bloxwich Fair
Medium               Linocut
Size:                   40x30cm
Price:                  135

Finch and Ivy
Title:                    Snowdrop
Price:                 SOLD
Title:                    Finch and Ivy
Price:                  SOLD
Thrush at Dusk
Cat on a Cushion
Title:                    Thrush at Dusk
Price:                  SOLD
Title:                Cat on a Cushion
Price:               SOLD