Gill Crozier

Gill Crozier trained at Waltham Forest School of Art and then at the Royal Academy Schools.
She is attracted to land that has been drastically changed by mankind and is being reclaimed by nature and she is very interested in texture, working mostly in mixed media, building a random surface and then ‘biting’ into it.

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Coastal Trip
Sailing Home at Dawn
Title:                       Coastal Trip
Medium:                 Collage
Size:                       25x 25cm
Price:                      220            
Title:                Sailing Home at Dawn
Medium:          Collage
Size:                30x15cm
Price:               240   
Intimate Harbour
Red Harbour
Title:                  Coastal shower
Medium:            Acrylic
Size:                 27x25cm
Price:                240     
Title:                     Red Harbour
Medium:               Collage
Size:                     20x15cm
Price:                    200  
The Crowns Engine House
Under Llanmynech Hill
Title:        The Crowns Engine House
Price:       SOLD              
Title:              Under Llanmynech Hill
Price:             SOLD

Above the Mawddach
Title:                   Above the Mawddach
Price:                 SOLD
Title:                  Zennor
Price:                SOLD

Japanese Crane
Mountain Pool - Sardinia
Title:              Japanese Crane
Price:             SOLD   
Title:          Mountain Pool - Sardinia
Price:        SOLD