David Smith  (1920-1999)

David Smith studied in Norwich and Rome. An early exhibition of Air Force pictures was opened by Sir Douglas Bader.
He had over 60 solo shows and was commissioned to paint all of Japan's harbours
and, by Trinity House, all of Britain's lighthouses.
These, and the results of a year with the British Antarctic Survey, are published in two books:
'View from the Sea' and 'The Discovery of Antarctica' (with a forward by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh).
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Bismark Strait
Ice Melt
Title:                     Bismark Strait
Medium:               Watercolour
Size:                    52x35cm
Price:                   500          
Title:                           Rio
Medium:                     Watercolour
Size:                           60x50cm
Price:                          380   

Fen Clouds
Monochrome Houses
Title:                    Fen Clouds
Medium:              Monochrome Print
Size:                   54x34cm
Price:                  340
Information:        6/80              
Title:                Monochrome Houses 
Price:             SOLD
Antarctica 1979
                                                    Title:         Antarctica 1979  
                                                    Medium:   Watercolour
                                                    Size:         55x20cm
                                                    Price:        360