Mary Stephens  

 Mary is an artist and potter who loves working with clay, mainly producing fine thrown stoneware and porcelain on the potter’s wheel. Her work is often part glazed which allows the tactile quality of the fired piece to be explored
as well as giving a subtle design.
She grew up in Leominster and trained as a potter at Pembridge Terracotta with Johnathan and Melanie Hughes-Jones, 
after completing a Fine Art Sculpture degree in 1997.
She came back to potting a few years ago and is still teaching herself new techniques, refining skills and enjoying exploring clay.
Mary tries to design forms she finds visually appealing, elegant as well as a joy to use.
She has recently started working from a new studio space in Lower Buckton, North Herefordshire,
and finished training to be a Yoga teacher.

If you would like to purchase a work or require further information please contact us:
Knighton Fine Art, 2,Broad Street, Knighton, LD7 1BL. Telephone:01547 528052 

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Mary Stephens
Title:                     Ceramics               
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