Anthea Stilwell

Anthea Stilwell studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxfordand then taught art at Harrow School for twenty five years.
She now lives and works in Herefordshire.
Her range of media is as varied as her subject matter and her work is wide-ranging, often semi abstract and built on drawing.
Her exhibitions include, Open Studios in H Art week, Ludlow Assembly Rooms, Dore Abbey Music festival,
Discoed "Stations of the Cross "and " The Last Supper "and many other local exhibitions.
She also exhibited last year, with three other artists for a week in Cork Street at The Gallery, London.

If you would like to purchase a work or require further information please contact us:
Knighton Fine Art, 2,Broad Street, Knighton, LD7 1BL. Telephone:01547 528052

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Shoreline I
Title:                      Shoreline I
Medium:                Ink and Gouache
Size:                      25x35cm
Price:                     280
River Reflection
River Reflection II
Title:                 River Reflection  I   
Medium:           Oil           
Size:                35x25cm   
Price:               390
Title:                 River Reflection  I I  
Medium:           Oil           
Size:                35x25cm   
Price:               390
Winter Landscape
Title:                     Church Tower      
Price:                   SOLD
Title:                Winter Landscape                     Medium:          Oil/Graphite            
Size:                30x20cm   
Price:               280         
Medieval Angel
Over the Meadows
Title:                         Medieval Angel
Medium:                   Mixed Media
Size:                        27x35cm                 
Price:                       280
Title:               Over the Meadows        
Medium:         Acrylic and Ink           
Size:              15x15cm        
Price:             120       
Shoreline II
Study for Approaching Storm
Title:                    Shoreline II             
 Price:                 SOLD      
Title:           Study of Approaching Storm       
Price:          SOLD            
Flower Angel I
Two Sheep
Title:               Flower Angel I
Price:             SOLD
Title:                     Two Sheep
Price:                    SOLD
Sheep 2
Sheep 2
Title:                       Sheep 1
Price:                     SOLD
Title:                        Sheep 2
Price:                      SOLD
Two Figures
Great Grey Owl
Title:                        Two Figures
Price:                      SOLD
Title:                  Great Grey Owl
Price:                SOLD
Offa's Dyke II
Towards Offa's Dyke
Title:                    Offa's Dyke II
 Price:                  SOLD
Title:                    Towards Offa's Dyke
Price:                  SOLD
Tortoise Cat
Mother and Child
Title:                Tortoise Cat
 Price:             SOLD
Title:                   Mother and Child
Price:                  SOLD