Feliks Topolski (1907-1989)

  Feliks Topolski was born  in Warsaw and studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art.
Later he studied and worked in Italy and France, and eventually he moved to Britain in 1935 after being commissioned to record King George V's Silver Jubilee. He opened a studio near Waterloo station.

Topolski's experiences were initially captured in pencil and ink drawings. These were the first stage of his prolific Chronicles which since his death  have retained respect as a pictorial and political record spanning nearly 30 years of world history. The Chronicles contain 3,000 drawings, and were exhibited in New York City, Moscow, Cologne, Hamburg, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.

In 1959, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh commissioned Topolski to create a mural depicting the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
. The mural contains 14 friezes divided into two narratives; one narrative; entitled 'In The Streets' shows various processions to Westminster Abbey, while the second, enititled 'In The Abbey', depicts the procession out of the Abbey after the coronation.

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Opening of Parliament
London Street Scene
Title:                   Opening of Parliament
Medium:             Lithograph
Size:                   50x40cm
Price:                  200
Information:        75/275       
Title:                    London Street Scene 
Price:                  SOLD