Brontė Woodruff

Brontė is a rural artist, drawing inspiration from the dramatic Marches landscape.
She generally works with natural materials; Van Dyke crystals, earth pigments, charcoal, graphite and sea-salt
and finds a rag, a stick and a wide, flat brush liberating tools.
Brontė enjoys collage and working with acrylics. Her paintings are a distillation of observations, an attempt to evoke atmosphere, contour, colour, texture and energy.

If you would like to purchase a work or require further information please contact us:
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Changeable Weather
Land and Light VI
Title:               Changeable Weather
Price:             SOLD
Title:                  To the Far Hills
Medium:            Mixed Media
Size:                 20x20cm
Price:                £245
To the Far Hills
Rich Pageant
Title:             Land and Light VI
Medium:       Ink/Crayon
Size:             20x15cm
Price:            £180
Title:                Rich Pageant
Medium:          Collage/Mixed Media
Size:               25x17cm
Price:              £185
Winter Sheep
Love Pig
Title:                 Winter Sheep
Price:              SOLD
Title:                       Love Pig
Medium:                 Acrylic
Size:                      15x10cm
Price:                     £90
A Song of Summer
Title:               A Song of Summer
Medium:         Mixed Media/Paper    
Size:              10x25cm                 
Price:              £200
Escape to the Marches
Title:               Summerscape   
Medium:         Mixed Media
Size:              17x13cm
Price:             £175
Title:                Escape to the Marches
Medium:          Watercolour
Size:               25x20cm
Price:              £275
Marches Summer I
Song of Spring
Title:               Marches Summer I
 Price:             SOLD
Title:                Song of Spring
Medium:          Watercolour, Ink, Acrylic
Size:               60x40cm
Price:              £550
Spring Woodland
Land and Light 1
Title:              Spring Woodland     
Medium:        Mixed Media
Size:             25x25cm
Price:            £285
Title:                   Land and Light 1     
Medium:             Watercolour
Size:                  17x22cm
Price:                 £185
Birdcall Morning
Pastures Green
Title:                  Birdcall Morning
Medium:            Acrcylic and Paper
Size:                 30x20cm
Price:                £275
Title:                  Pastures Green
Medium:            Mixed Media
Size:                 20x15cm
Price:                £175
Land and Light 3
Herefordshire Farmland - Evening Light
Title:                 Land and Light 3:
Price:               SOLD
Title:   Herefordshire Farmland - Evening Light
Price:  SOLD
To the Hills, Powys
Winter Sheep
Title:         To the Hills, Powys
Price:      SOLD
Title:               Winter Sheep
Price:            SOLD
Winter Trees Dancing
Title:           Winter Trees Dancing
Price:         SOLD
Title:                Pig
Price:              SOLD
Land of Mist and the Hill
Land and Light 2
Title:            Land of Mist and the Hill
Price:         SOLD
Title:                Land and Light 2
Price:              SOLD
Yonder Blue Yonder
On the Edge
Title:             Yonder Blue Yonder
Price:            SOLD
Title:            On the Edge
Price:            SOLD
Snow above Far Hill
Sudden Awareness
Title:             Snow over Far Hill
Price:           SOLD
Title:               Sudden Awareness
Price:             SOLD
Winter's End II
Winter's End IV
Title:                 Winter's End II
Price:               SOLD
Title:                Winter's End IV
Price:              SOLD
Spring Finally
Title: Winter Sheep
Title:               Spring Finally                   
Price:              SOLD  
Title:                      Winter Sheep
Price:                     SOLD